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Applied Machine Learning Course

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by — Srikanth Verma Chekuri

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The Applied AI/Machine Learning course contents and teaching are both simple and lucid for anyone to learn. Mathematical building blocks for machine learning is explained in a simple and enjoyable way. They will make you solve numerous Machine Learning case studies, to try and build an industrial mind set. The Applied AI/Machine Learning Courses are designed as whole learning experiences to support your journey from the first exercise to a new career. They back it with a job guarantee for your peace of mind. A personal mentor will be assigned to each candidate after the completion of 50% of the course assignments who will provide guidance related to the specific candidate’s portfolio/resume and in interview preparation, mock interviews. Under the mentor’s guidance, each candidate has to work on at least two capstone projects to build a strong portfolio. After the completion of the Applied AI course including all the assignments (within the validity period), a candidate gets eligible for the Job guarantee program wherein they forward his/her portfolio to the companies they have good connections with(Startups to Fortune-500 Companies) which purely depends on the strength of the specific candidate’s portfolio.

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    It & Softwares
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    Data Science
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    150+ hours
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Mentor Bio

He enjoys teaching and loves solving problems that matter, by building products and services from the ground up. A life long learner, tinkerer and a team builder. He is very good at Machine learning, Algorithms, Data Mining and Mathematical abilities. He is also a good team member with excellent leadership skills. He is a good researcher/problem solver and a great asset to any team.

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